World’s Oldest Married Couple Celebrate 90Th Wedding Anniversary

World's Oldest Married Couple Celebrate 90Th Wedding Anniversary

A man and woman who clinched the title of ‘world’s oldest couple’ are celebrating their 90th wedding anniversary.

110-yr-old Karam Chand and his wife, 103-yr-old Kartari Chand from Bradford, West Yorkshire got married December 11, 1925 in a Sikh ceremony, before India’s colonization.

The elderly couple who were both born in November had a joint birthday celebration last month thrown for them by family and friends.

Kartari and Karim have eight children, 27 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren from their 90-year marriage.

They currently live with their youngest son Paul, his wife and two of their four children in Bradford where they first moved to in 1965.

“To be aged 110 and to be so healthy is a huge milestone for anyone…We are still trying to come up with names for what you would call a 90th anniversary, as it is such an achievement.”

“I am also proud of the my whole for family for helping us keep my parents in such good health. It is a blessing to have them still around and to have them still telling me what to do,” Paul said.

To celebrate their birthdays, the elderly couple opened a new shopping centre called ‘The Broadway’.

Karam and Kartari also led their community in the annual Girlington Parade.

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